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  1. Openbay integration
  2. Product based commission
  3. user manage their own orders
  4. upc/ean compatible scan
  5. Touch screen login page(optional)
  6. Touch screen friendly interface
  7. table management (retaurant)
  8. tabbed setting interface
  9. Simplified installation
  10. shipping method & address
  11. serial number management
  12. Sales can only see order created by themselves
  13. rounding
  14. quotation system
  15. quick sale/product manual entry
  16. purchase order payment type
  17. product name abbreviation on receipt
  18. Pos only user group
  19. open cash drawer upon cash payment
  20. multiple location/warehouse support
  21. maximum discount setup
  22. Instore' shipping method
  23. Hide pos order from opencart order list
  24. hide delete button
  25. Display cost attribute for product if exists
  26. different frond-end and back-end currency setting support
  27. default scan type setting
  28. decimal quantity(weight based price)
  29. date format on receipt change per server setting
  30. complete status setting
  31. Cash amount input tool
  32. search product matching name with wildcard
  33. Search Product by UPC
  34. Search Product by SKU
  35. Search Product by MPN
  36. Sales as affiliate
  37. refresh to display blank page upon order completion
  38. receipt printer(thermal) support with bar-code
  39. Pos only product (not shown to online customer)
  40. payment report(summary and details)
  41. manufacturer filter
  42. inplace pricing (optional)
  43. inline quantity change
  44. Initial' default status upon creation
  45. hide orders by status
  46. empty order control
  47. discount
  48. Delete' status with option to purge later (auto/manu)
  49. default customer setting
  50. customer search by telephone
  51. customer search by email
  52. create new customer on the fly
  53. Bar-code scanner support (no focus)
  54. , as decimal support
  55. Split payment
  56. Compatible with customer group price setting
  57. Search product by name is fully wildcard
  58. Notification upon no default address
  59. Customer details update on the fly
  60. Compatible with opencart Tax setting
  61. Expanable totals display
  62. Product details display
  63. Search Product by Description
  64. Customizable payment type
  65. Invoice Printing
  66. Amount due calculation
  67. Change calculation
  68. Display main page upon login by user group
  69. Search customer by name
  70. Browse Product
  71. Blank display when refresh page
  72. One click order creation
  73. Integrated interface

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