1. All packages and modules come with 12 months free support and update. If the support and update is expired you need to extend it from the expire date to get any further support.

2. Support and update price after 1 year: 20% of module and package price per year.

3. You can re-buy the latest module or package any time with 40% discount if the update price calculated per item 2 is higher.

Switch from OpenCart Pos Premium or Upgrade

1. Support and update will be reset to 1 year from the date of switch over. 

2. You need to pay the price difference and extra support and update period you got because of the reset(minimum $10).

Forumlar: (New module price - old module price) + $60*(days purchased)/365


OpenCart Pos Premium : $299, TheOne Pos Premium: $299, TheOne Pos Multi: $499

From OpenCart Pos Premium to TheOne Pos Premium after 100 days of purchase: 0 + $60*100/365 = $16

From OpenCart Pos Premium to TheOne Pos Multi after 100 days of purchase: 200 + $60*100/365 =$216